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Fi's Cafe was conceived by Eireni Moutoussi and Jess Thomas as a way to combine our artistic strengths and provide a game for what we feel is lacking in the industry: a safe space from anxiety with a strong narrative where the player's actions lead to different results. So far, we have experienced plenty of calming games an ambiguous and linear narrative, and plenty of games with a strong and/ or player-directed narrative that at least occasionally rely on adrenalin-inducing moments such as timed puzzles and fights. The primary genre outside these categories is the dating sim genre, from which we have taken some cues mechanic-wise but not in narrative intent. We appreciate that for some individuals, adrenalin-inducing mechanics are a way of relieving irl stress or anxiety, but we also believe this does not work for everyone and want to provide an alternative for escapism.

The project was initially developed for our BA final project at Loughborough University. The recent content has been free-time work.


Eireni Moutoussi

Director / UI Design / Environment Design

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Jess Thomas

Character Design / Narrative Design

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Lily Scowen

Graphic Design

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Arora Ashani

Technical Lead


William Meaton

Supporting Programmer


Bashar Saade

Supporting Programmer


Featured Artists

Abi Owoseje

3D Design


Ellen Mitchell Finnigan


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George Morgan

Book Cover Design

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Greg Carter


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Abbie Evans


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Isabella Borgers


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Katie Gascoyne


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